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Cooperating entities for the organisation of the workshop and its related contributions:

Universidad de León (Spain)
Promoter institution of the summer course included in its annual official offer.

Technische Universität Wien (Vienna University of Technology, Austria):
Workshop co-organisation and lecturing.

Hochschule München
 (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany):
Lecturing and co-organisation of related activities.

Mälardalen University (Suecia):
Workshop co-organisation and lecturing.

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia - UNED (Spain):
Co-organisation of events, virtual hosting and lecturing

University of Aegean, Syros (Greece):
Workshop co-organisation and lecturing.

BITrum Research Group (Spain):
Documentation, communication channels, co-organisation of related activities.

Observatory of the Cyber-society (Spain):
Virtual hosting, open-badge certification, co-organisation of related activities.

Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (Austria): 

Workshop co-organisation, Publication of texts

Institut für Design Science (Germany):
Workshop co-organisation

Juventudes Musicales de León (Spain):
Co-organization and development of the soundpainting workshop

MyUniversity-ULE Project (Spain):
Dissemination and participation channels.

Escuela de Pensamiento Crítico - Fundación Mondiplo (Spain):
Publication of texts.

Fundación Sierra-Pambley (Spain)

Co-organisation and workshop venue