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International Workshop: Social Networks,globalization and inequality
An Interdisciplinary Approach

19-21 September 2014 :: Sierra Pambley :: León :: Spain

The international workshop, organised by University of León in collaboration with several European universities and scientific institutions (see cooperation), represents a new step in the development of an international academic programme of interdisciplinary studies within PRIMER initiative.

Introduction and Objectives

Since the second industrial revolution communication networks have been considered closely linked to the economic and social development, at the same time they have decisively contributed to the deployment of the globalization process. As it will be shown in the exposition "Geography of Inequality", to be launched within the framework of this event, this globalization process has implied an uninterrupted growth of inequality at the global scale, which presents multiple dimensions. These will be scrutinized throughout the thematic axis in which the event is articulated, focusing on its varied facets: economic and territorial, human development, societal, welfare and sustainability. At the same time, alternatives concerning the reduction of inequality and unbalances of any kind will be addressed.

The exposition "Geography of Inequality" that will be used as a didactic material and to encourage debates, has been developed by an interdisciplinary team thanks to the support of several institutions gathered by PRIMER initiative, which by these means further the development of interdisciplinary studies.

Participant institutions

University of León (Spain), Vienna University of Technlogy (Austria), Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Mälardalen University (Sweden), BITrum (Spain)Bertalanffy Center for the Study of System Science (Austria)Observatory of the Cibersociety (Spain)MyUniversity-ULE (Spain), Institut für Design Science (Germany), Sierra Pambley Foundation (Spain).

Coordination: J.M. Díaz-Nafría (BITrum-Research Group)