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Ponencias del curso

Friday, September 19th

16:30 Opening and presentation of the event by José Luis CHAMOSA GONZÁLEZ, Vice-chancellor for international and institutional relations of ULE.

16:45 Introduction of the Directors

Paz BENITO DEL POZOThe battle against inequality

José María DÍAZ NAFRIAGlobalised Social Networks: between hopeful possibilities and painful realities.

 Thematic axis: Hegemomy of the intangible

 17:00 Francisco ÁLVAREZ ÁLVAREZGeography of a hybrid World

 17:45 Peter FLEISSNERFreedom of Information is not enough

 16:30 Jean Pierre LOHRERMay 1968: The social network in hands of the peoples. Presentation

 19:15 Debate with the additional participation of Francisco SALTO ALEMANY

Saturday, September 20th

 Thematic axisTerritory, Poverty and Inequality

 10:00 Paz BENITOInequalities among countries: factors and debates. Presentation

 10:45 Henar PASCUAL: Poverty and Inequality in a globalised world

 11:30 Marcelo LEÓNTerritorial Inequality in the building of a solidary alternative

 12:15 Debate with the additional participation of Jean Pierre LOHRER

 13:30 Pause

 Thematic axis: Financial networks, economic networks, social networks

 16:00 Meeting: Research groups

María Luisa GÓMEZArchitecture of a planetary unbalance

Julian MARCELO: A productive fabric for all

Debate with the additional participation of Peter FLEISSNER & Francisco ÁLVAREZ

Sunday, September 21st

  Thematic axisEnergy and Sustainability
  10:30 Mauricio ORTÍZ: Ecologic Footprint and Biospherical Limits

  11:00 Enrique DÍEZ: Degrowth: from the imperative of growing to good-living

  Debate with the additional participation of Paz BENITO & Marcelo LEÓN
Actividades relacionadas

Exposition: Geography of Inequality

The exposition Geography of Inequality has been developed from the cartographic records of Le Monde Diplomatique and other public geographic collections by an interdisciplinary team. Its aims at integrating in a multidimensional vision the economic, environmental, social-rights, cultural, technological... aspects of the globalisation process supported by the information technologies, thus closely linked to social networks -in a broad sense.

Coordination of the exposition:
J.M.Díaz Nafría

Paz Benito, Marcelo León, J.P. Lohrer, J.M. Díaz, Mauricio Ortiz, M.L. Gómez, A. Vidal, E. Díez, J. Marcelo, P. Fleissner.