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Global wealth inequality

Excellent representation of the global inequality, its distribution and historical evolution. Produced by

Wealth Inequality in the UK (perception, toleration and reality of inequality)

In this video the wealth inequality is represented for the case of the UK, which is not the worse case, but where the inequality has grown significantly fast. How much unfairness is considered tolerable? How inequal people think UK is? How is it really? Produced by

El poder de las redes sociales (The power of Networks - Psychology by Eduardo Punset)

Science documentary about the capacity of social networks (in a broad sense) to perform social transformations. The small worls model is presented to which R. Zimmermann also refers in his characterisation of networks (see available document).

The internet society. Empowering or censoring?

Excellent video animation analysing the optimistic-utopic view of Internet as democratic leverage. Is it really emancipating societies?...

Every one of us connect the world / Cada uno de nosotros salva el mundo (

Internet network as tool for the (peaceful) connection of the peoples, though to this purpose -as indicated- universal access has to be provided (should not we add "access in fairly distributed conditions"?). Produced by

The XXI Century Enlightenment

Qualitative animation by RSA about the type of "enlightenment" which would rise to the challenges and the difference this implies against the classical concept of enlightenment. The depletion of worldly resources, the hybridization of cultures and peoples, the complexity of social, economic and environmental issues which cannot be tackled from the independent handling of its parts imply the urgent necessity to change the educational and scientific paradigm, quite aligned to PRIMER objectives. Wolfgang, in his lecture of Social Networks-León-2013, did also refers to this situation, pointing to what he calls "global sustainable information society"