PRIMER initiative aims at testing the development potentials of interdisciplinary studies at the crossroad of education and research, based on the integration of Information Studies, Systems Science and Social Innovation. It targets at developing skills for the integration of knowledge to be applied to complex scientific or societal problems, as social or environmental sustainability, the divides and social exclusions of the information society, technology for human development, etc. The bounded development of education and research activities (within pre-PRIMER initiative) expects to provide a basis for a larger development of interdisciplinary studies under international support. More...

Activities. Under this focus, a number of activities and courses have been organised in which the participant institutions awards academic credits which are certified by the Open Badge System. It pursues a systematic and modular development of skills focused on the integrating of disciplines (at the student, academic of professional level) in order to cope with complex problems through a direct contact with research programmes.

Participant InstitutionsBITrum-Research Group (España), Universidad de León (España), Centro de Supercomputación de Castilla y León (España), FLACSO (Ecuador), Institut für Design Science (Alemania), Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (Austria), Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Portugal), International Society for the Study of Information  (Austria), Mälardalen University (Suecia), Ministerio de Educación (Ecuador), Munich University of Applied Sciences (Alemania), Open University (UK), Observatorio de la Cibersociedad (España), Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (España), Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (México), Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena (Ecuador), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (México), Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España), Universidad Politecnica Salesiana (Ecuador), Grupo Santander de Universidades (Europa), University of the Aegean (Grecia), Vienna University of Technology (Austria), Yachay Tech (Ecuador).
Relevant Events

Workshop: EduSynergies - Education and technology synergies for current and future societies
ICAI-2019 | Madrid, Spain| 6-9 Nov 2019

Training Course: How to write a scientific interdisciplinary article
Santa Elena (Ecuador)| Aug-Sep 2015

Cómo escribir un artículo científico interdisciplinar

León (Spain)| Sep 2014

Recent News

  • Collaboration in the organisation of the international conference ARTIIS (Technology, Information, Innovation & Sustainability) glossaLAB consortium -and BITrum among them- are collaborating with the organisation of ARTIIS international conference, whose physical headquarters are in Santa Elena (Ecuador), but actually will take place online. The ...
    Publicado a las 2 mar 2021, 5:24 por José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA
  • On BITrum’s 10th anniversary we are willing to contribute to the building up of a global sustainable information society Versión españolaCo-organisation of ICAI congress, Madrid, Nov. 7-9, in celebration of BITrum’s anniversaryIt was indeed 10 years ago when we roll up our sleeves and ...
    Publicado a las 8 ene 2020, 8:16 por José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA
  • Co-creating knowledge in educational contexts: project Version españolaClosely related to the development of the glossaLAB project, in the autumn of 2018 an educational we submitted a project proposal on education innovation to the Social Council ...
    Publicado a las 24 jun 2019, 9:54 por José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA
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