What is PRIMER?

PRIMER, PRomoting Interdisciplinary Methodologies in Education and Research, is constituted by an international consortium of academic and scientific institutions united for the development of interdisciplinary studies. We are characterized by:
According to the constitutional statement of the international consortium gathered for the promotion of interdisciplinary studies, the main goal of the initiative is:

The development of interdisciplinary studies at the crossroads of education and research, based on the integration of Systems Science, Open Social Innovation and Information Studies. It targets at developing  skills for the integration of knowledge to be applied to complex scientific or societal problems, as social or environmental sustainability, the divides and social exclusions of the information society, technology for human development, etc.

PRIMER as a metaphor

The meanings of the term "primer", of Latin origin but with a specific English development, allegorically denote the proposed approach. In the first place, "primer" is used to designate the compilation of basic elements of a subject  –in line with the objective of educating in the principles that allow the integration of knowledge-. In addition, the term serves to refer to a small explosive charge used for detonating a main charge -thus in alignment to the aim of initiating innovation processes of solving theoretical or practical problems-; also to refer to the undercoat applied on a surface to prepare it as for painting -analogous to the anchoring of knowledge-. Finally in the context of genetic biology, "primer" designates the nucleic acid segments that is needed to initiate replication by DNA polymerase -in line with a systematic construction of solutions to the problems confronted, as in Design or Systems Science-.