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On BITrum’s 10th anniversary we are willing to contribute to the building up of a global sustainable information society

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 24 jun 2019, 10:48 por José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA   [ actualizado el 8 ene 2020, 8:16 ]
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Co-organisation of ICAI congress, Madrid, Nov. 7-9, in celebration of BITrum’s anniversary

It was indeed 10 years ago when we roll up our sleeves and get down to work on casting light on the general study of information. We then met around the intention of preserving the very diverse perspectives present in the study of information, with special emphasis on adequately addressing semantic and pragmatic issues and, to the extent possible, developing unified views. With that purpose, 10 years ago we were devoted to compose the first version of the glossariumBITri, while finishing that special issue of TripleC gathered under the epigraph "What is really information?". In this issue, we offered a refined version of the almost homonymous proceeding of the congress that met us in León in 2008 and which we sealed with the manifesto in which we declared our commitment.1 This manifesto is still available on the BITrum portal, as well as the glass stained window next to which we signed it, which has been a hallmark of the group, starting with its very name.
Throughout these years, the experience has been diversified at times, recovering the original pulse in others. Diversification has shown the many activities carried out within the framework of the PRIMER initiative (aimed at the promotion of interdisciplinary methodologies), such as summer courses and educational programs, whose latest proposal is currently under evaluation at the European Commission desks. Regarding the maintenance of the original pulse, there is no need to find far away, the international glossaLAB project we are currently starting provides a sound continuity to several previous projects and before all our glossariumBITri (related update).

As for the participation of the extensive group that has contributed to the development of BITrum (the adherents from the beginning and those that have been adding up) there have been stages in which we have reached all, and others in which a few (within the board) have seen forced to concentrate on taking forward the efforts that we had started and the commitments acquired along the way. This concentrated work has often prevented us, much to our regret, from maintaining the channels of communication and cooperation that would have facilitated broader participation, as we have always desired. Now, we have the opportunity to take up the pulse both through the glossaLAB project and through the congress in Madrid in which we want to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BITrum. We are very pleased to invite you to this event in which wish sharing a toast for what we have already walked and for the avenue opened in front of us which we wish walking along with you. We leave here the call for contributions (JCR indexed), which in addition to the volume of proceedings, whose deadline finishes this week, there are other publication pathways (JCR indexed), among others those foreseen for a workshop, integrated in the congress and devoted to the integration of knowledge in the line we opened 10 years ago with the glossariumBITri. Shortly we will circulate more information about it, but, from now on, write down in the agenda these dates in which we would like nothing more than counting with your participation. See you soon!


(1) The proceedings were published in 2008 in bilingual edition under the title “What is information?”. Cf. Proceedings in BITrum’s contribution blog; Compiled edition of the special issue published in TripleC in 2009: compiled version in BITrum’s contribution blog.