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pre-PRIMER agrees with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education the deployment of an Education Programme on "Intercultural and Inclusive Pedagogy"

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 22 feb 2016, 6:26 por José María DÍAZ NAFRÍA   [ actualizado el 18 mar 2018, 7:56 ]
Signed among the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, the University of León (Spain) and  the European Network of Universities SGroup in May 2015, the cooperation agreement contemplates the deployment of a programme for the continuous education of 840 teachers of the national school system on Intercultural and Inclusive Pedagogy. The programme was proposed to the Ministry of Education in 2014 by pre-PRIMER initiative, following the needs manifested by the Ministry of Education regarding the capacity of the Ecuadorian school system with respect to the educational objectives contained in the 2008 Constitution of the Ecuadorian Republic and the subsequent National Plan for Good Living. In both cases boosting the quality of education constitutes a major commitment of the Andean country. The education programme adapts PRIMER own methodological and epistemological approach, as described in the IDS approach, to the general objective of creating appropriate learning contexts committed with creativity, inclusion, democratic participation, esteeming of the cultural diversity, the responsibility before the building of multicultural societies in harmony with its natural and human environment, as well as the usage and development of informational resources as common goods.

The seven courses integrating the programme aims at developing the different essential aspects of an intercultural education to meet the opportunities and challenges XXI century: 

  • Intercultural and Inclusive Education: dealing with diversity (330 h/23 ECTS)
  • Education for Peace and Equality (330 h/23 ECTS)
  • Pedagogy and Didactics: methodology in the classroom (330 h/23 ECTS)
  • School Managment, Organisation and Pedagogic Leadership (330 h/23 ECTS)
  • Incorporation of Technologies and Social Networks in the Learning Processes (330 h/23 ECTS); 
  • Psycopedagoy and ecolutionary Development in the Student (330 h/23 ECTS)
  • Conflict Management Worlshop: Social and Communication Skills in the Classroom (330 h/23 ECTS).

Visit the portal of the Education Programme on Inclusive and Intercultural Pedagogy.