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Sound-painting Workshop

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 11 sept 2013, 6:36 por Mauricio Ortiz Osorio   [ actualizado el 11 sept 2013, 8:37 por José María Díaz Nafría ]

The International Workshop "Social Networks: from communication to solidarity" integrates a Soundpainting workshop for the development of a musical and lyrical performance in "Albeitar" theater

The Soundpainting workshop will take place in the framework of the international summer course "Social Networks: from communication to solidarity" to be held in Sierra Pambley Foundation as an initiative of the University of León, with the collaboration of various European universities .

As a parallel activity, integrated with the summer course "Social Networks: from communication to solidarity", which will take place from 13 to 15 September, a soundpainting workshop will be held in which participants create in real time a  performance about solidarity with music and lyric. The sign language –originally created by the New Yorker musician Walter Thompson– will be learned while progressively proceeding in the development of the final performance. An open discussion, based upon the performance, will be held at the end with the rest of participants.

  • The workshop will be held on September the 13th and 14th in Teatro el Albeitar, under the direction of Beatriz Franco (born in León, currently livening in Paris). Begin: Friday 13th, 17h.
  • Musician of Juventudes Musicales-León will partake in both the development and the staging of the performance.
  • Whoever is interested in can make lyrical and dramatic proposals to be included in the performance.
  • The workshop will finish with the public staging of the performance deployed during the workshop on Saturday 14, at 20h, in Teatro el Albeitar  Then a public discussion will be opened with the rest of the participants to the summer course.
  • To participate: (i) the inscription in the summer course is required (inscription page), (ii) the intention to partake has to be communicated per email to the direction of the summer course.

Soundpainting performance directed by Beatriz Franco: Mauvaises Langues